Friday, February 19, 2010

Pictures to Identify, 2/19/2010

This is clearly Anne and Eric and it's one of my favorite pictures.  Check out that hair!!!!!   Details, please!


I know that this is Barbara.  Anne shows this picture to me every time I visit too.  But when was it taken, and any other information that could be provided would be helpful.









Eric and Dad?




Clearly a childhood picture of Eric.  Do we know how old he was here?  What were the circumstances of he pic?  Any other information?
OK, I know that this is Eric's graduation picture from UCLA because Anne shows it to me every single time I have gone to her apartment and even when she was in her house, she would drag me into the living room to show it to me.  I truly think she was trying to sell Eric to me, although I had already bought and did not need a sales job - lol!  But what year was it from if anyone knows?  Was this his Bachelors or Masters?  Or any other information would be good too.

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